Dual Credit Information

UNM and CNM Dual Credit FAQ 

What is Dual Credit? 

The Dual Credit Program allows public high school students to earn credit for high school and credit for college when you take Dual Credit college courses. 

When do I become eligible to take a Dual Credit Course? 

A student who is classified as a Sophomore (6.0 credits), and has minimum G.P.A. may be eligible to take a Dual Credit course. CNM requires a 2.0 G.P.A., and UNM requires a 2.5 G.P.A. 

Can I Earn Core Credit? 

Courses will count for ELECTIVE credit with very few exceptions. Please see your guidance counselor with questions. 

What is a Dual Credit Course? 

Dual Credit courses are college courses taken for both high school and college credit while you are in high school. Courses must be able to apply toward a postsecondary degree or certificate program. Remedial and developmental courses at the college may not be taken for Dual Credit, since they do not count toward a degree or certificate program. 

What does a Dual Credit 
Course cost? 

Nothing to very little. Public colleges, universities, and some tribal colleges have agreed to waive tuition and general fees. Your high school will provide textbooks and REQUIRED course supplies. You and your family will be responsible for special course fees and, possibly, transportation. 

Will the grades I receive in a Dual Credit course appear on my high School Transcript? 

Grades will appear on both your high school and college transcripts, which are permanent records. 

Will the credit I am earning through Dual Credit transfer to other colleges or universities? 

The Postsecondary Education Articulation Act of 1978 specifies a core of general education courses that, if taken at any New Mexico public college or university, will transfer to any other New Mexico public college or university. However, courses not part of this core that are obtained at a two year college may not transfer to a four year university, especially if the course was specific to a vocational or degree certificate program. 

See your Guidance Counselor for more information!