This list contains information about some of the most recognized national scholarships and contests along with local scholarships and unique scholarships. 

  Last update: 5/13/2016.  Please note that most national scholarships have similar due dates from year to year. 

*** Pledge your "Collegiance": High school seniors can announce their college decision on Instagram by May 15 for a chance to win $5,000 or one of nine other prizes. - Offered by CollegeBoard.

***The Redefining Ready! National Scholarship - For high school graduating seniors - Application open until May 15th.

 Due DateScholarship/Academic ContestDescription
 No Date Posted Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund For high school seniors and up to age 26 who are dependents of US Military personnel who are permanently disabled, MIA, POW, or killed in action.
 No date posted NASA Fellows, Interns, and Scholars Database of programs NASA offers high school and college students
 No date posted The Joseph S. Rumbaugh Historical Oration Contest For grades 9-12
 Monthly The Common Knowledge Scholarship FoundationMore like a contest - take a quiz over a variety of topics
  Military OneSource Database of scholarships and financial aid assistance for dependents of Veterans and Active Duty members of the US Armed Forces. 
 8/31/2015 Cappex GPA Isn't Everything Scholarship For seniors
 8/31/2015 National Amputation Foundation For students who have suffered a major limb amputation
 9/9/2015 Martin Luther King, Jr. Multicultural Council ScholarshipFor NM seniors
 9/14/2015 We the Future ContestFor grades 9-12 passionate about the U.S. Constitution - 4 categories
 9/22/2015 Siemens Math, Science, and Technology Competition Open to individuals and teams up to 3 members in grades 9-12
 9/28/2015 Questbridge National College Match Program For high achieving seniors from low-income households
 10/9/2015 United States Senate Youth Program For juniors and seniors
 10/15/2015 CIA Undergraduate Scholarship Program For high school seniors and college freshmen and sophomores interested in a career in the CIA 
 10/15/2015 Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards For seniors of Hispanic/Latino descent
 10/16/2015 Nation Young Arts Foundation For grades 10-12 - students who are passionate about and talented in the arts
 10/23/2015 Ayn Rand Essay Contest - Atlas Shrugged For seniors and college students
 10/25/2015 Horatio Alger Association Scholarship Programs For seniors
 10/31/2015 Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship For seniors
 11/1/2015 VFW Voice of Democracy Audio Essay Competition For grades 9-12
 11/1/2015 Ron Brown Scholars Program For high school seniors who are Black/African-American
 11/3/2015 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards For grades 5-12
 11/3/2015 Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship For high achieving seniors with financial need
 11/11/2015 Intel Science Talent Search For seniors who have completed individual research in math, science, or engineering
 11/30/2016 Daniels Fund - Scholarship Program Open to high school seniors with financial need
 11/15/2015 NSA Stokes Educational Scholarship Program
  For high school seniors interested in computer science
 12/1/2015 UNM Freshman Scholarships Open to high school seniors
 12/2015 NMSU "top 3" Freshman Scholarships  Open to high school seniors
 12/4/2015 Elks Most Valuable Student Competion Open to high school seniors (You do not need to be related to an Elks Lodge Member.)
 12/7/2015     Doodle 4 Google Scholarship Contest Open to grades K-12
 12/11/2015 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards - ART Open to grades 7-12
 12/15/2015 AXA Achievement Scholarship Open to high school seniors
 12/18/2015 NFIB Young Entrepreneur Award Open to high school seniors who own their own small business
 12/15/2015 Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarship/Anne Ford Scholarship Open to high school seniors with a learning disability
 12/15/2015 Burger King Scholars Program Open to high school seniors 
 12/16/2015 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards - WRITING Open to grades 7-12
 12/20/2016 New Mexico Leadership Institute     For Juniors only
 12/31/2015 Arthur M. and Berdena King Eagle Scout ScholarshipOpen to Eagle Scouts registered in an active unit who have not reached their 19th birthday during the application year
 12/1/2015 SMART Scholarship for Service Program For seniors interested in studying the STEM fields, sponsored by the Department of Defense
 12/5/2015     Stop Hunger Scholarship For ages 5-25
 12/11/2015 Foot Locker Scholar Athlete     For high school seniors
 12/31/2015 Knight Essay Contest For grades 9-12
 1/6/2016 JFK Profile in Courage Essay Contest Open to grades 9-12
 1/7/2016 GE - Reagan Foundations Scholarship For high school seniors
 1/9/2016     Ron Brown Scholar Program For high school seniors who are Black/African American
 1/10/2016 Army ROTC Scholarship     For high school seniors
 1/13/2016 Gates Millennium Scholars For seniors of the African American/Black, American Indian - Alaska Native, Asian Pacific Islander American, Hispanic American ethnicity
 1/20/2016 Central N.M. Electric Cooperative Inc. Scholarship For high school seniors
 1/31/2016 DuPont Challenge Essay Contest     For grades 6-12
 1/31/2016 Taco Bell Foundation Live Mas Scholarship Must be 16 years of age
 end of January 2016 Navy (and Marine) ROTC Scholarship For seniors
 February 2016 The Betty Montoya Gift of Life Scholarship  Essay contest for high school seniors.  Request an application from Mr. Gunnare.
 February 2016 Buick Achievers Scholarship Program     For high school seniors interested in a STEM career
 February 2016 Optimist International Essay Contest For students under the age of 18 as of 10/1/2015
 2/1/2016 Toshiba NSTA Exploravision Contest For all grades
 2/1/2016 2016 Foundation for Rural Service  For seniors who live in the Coop's service area and have landline service through Plateau
 2/7/2016 We the Students Essay Contest For grades 8-12 (ages 14-19)
 2/10/2016 Davidson Fellows Scholarships  For "extraordinary young people, 18 and younger, who have completed a significant piece of work in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, literature, music, philosophy or 'out of the box'"
 2/10/2016 Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarship Program Offers various scholarships for high school seniors
 2/10/2016 Rise Scholarship  For seniors with a documented disability
 2/12/2016 American Legion Oratorical Contest of NM For grades 9-12
 2/12/2016 NMCEL Scholarship For high school seniors
 2/16/2016 National Honor Society Scholarship Program For seniors in NHS
 2/26/2016 Create a Greeting Card Scholarship Contest For ages 14 and older
 March 2016 Optimist International Oratorical Contest     For students under the age of 18 as of 10/1/2015
 3/1/2016 NMSU Scholarships (not the top scholarships from NMSU) Open to seniors
 3/1/2016 NM Tech Freshman ScholarshipsOpen to seniors 
 3/1/2016 Western NM University Scholarships Open to seniors
 3/1/2016 Life Lessons Scholarship Program Open to students, ages 17-24, who have experienced the death of a parent or legal guardian
 3/4/2016       Religious Liberty Essay Scholarship Contest     For juniors and seniors
 3/4/2016       NMASBO Scholarships     For seniors
 3/6/2016 ENMU Green and Silver Presidential Scholarship Open to seniors
 3/6/2016 Bill of Rights Debate Open to student 14 and older
 3/7/2016 Plateau 2016 Education Foundation Scholarship For seniors who live in the Coop's service area and have landline service through Plateau
 3/8/2016 Frame My Future Scholarship Contest For seniors
 3/15/2015 American Foreign Service Essay Contest        For grades 9-12
3/16/2016 Albuquerque Community Foundation 
***All seniors should look into scholarships offered by the Albuquerque Community Foundation
 For NM high school seniors - there are a variety of scholarships for a variety of college/community college programs.  Please take time to learn the requirements for each.  March 16th is the earliest deadline for some of the scholarships.  
 3/25/2016 Ayn Rand Essay Contest - Anthem For grades 8-10
 3/30/2016 Hispanic Scholarship Fund General Scholarship Program For high school seniors and college students of Hispanic Heritage
 3/31/2015 Foster Care to Success     For high school seniors who have been in foster care, who have been adopted, or who have been orphaned
 3/31/2016  Insureon Small Business Scholarship For high school seniors
 4/6/2016 AFSA Scholarship Contest For high school seniors
 4/6/2016 AFSA Scholarship Open to high school seniors
 4/14/2016 Signet Essay Contest Open to juniors and seniors; over the novel, Little Women
 4/15/2016 College JumpStart Scholarship For 10th-12th graders
 4/15/2016 Moriarty Lion's Club Scholarship For high school seniors
 4/25/2016 First Choice Scholarship For high school seniors planning to enroll in a health-related course of study
 4/25/2016 Dave Ramsey's Financial Literacy Challenge     For Seniors
 4/29/2016 Manuel Lujan Scholarship For high school seniors
 4/29/2016 Ayn Rand Essay Contest - The Fountainhead For grades 11-12
 4/30/2016 Freedom of Speech PSA Contest For seniors
 4/30/2016 MoolahSPOT Scholarship "Students of any age"
 4/30/2016 AMVETS Scholarship For high school seniors who are children/grandchildren of Veterans, Active Duty, Guard/Reserves 
 4/30/2016 Shawn Carter Scholarship     Open to high school seniors
 5/1/2016 NMHU Scholarships Open to high school seniors
 5/1/2016 IAPO Scholarship Essay (Plumbing) Open to high school seniors
 5/1/2016 Plateau Committed to Excellence Scholarship  For seniors who live in the Coop's service area and have landline service through Plateau
 5/1/2016 Wyzant Essay Contest For ages 16 and older
 5/2/2016 The NM Chapter of AVS Olson/Taylor Science and Engineering Scholarship For high school seniors planning to major in a physical science or engineering field.
 5/2/2016 OAR Scholarship Program     For individuals on the autism spectrum who plan to attend college in the fall of 2016
 5/9/2016 Pledge Your #Collegiance For seniors
 5/13/2016 MESD School Board Scholarship For high school seniors planning to attend NM Schools of Higher Education
 5/15/2016 ThanksUSA Scholarship For high school seniors up to age 24 who are military dependents.
 5/30/2016 FormSwift Start-Up Scholarship For graduating high school seniors interested in starting a business
 5/31/2016 Rocket 55 Essay Contest For seniors
 6/1/2016 Online MBA Report Scholarship     For seniors interested in studying business in college
 6/1/2016 Josie Torralba Romero Scholarship For Latino students interested in pursuing a college degree in behavioral health related academic areas
 6/17/2016 NAEHCY Scholarship For students who are homeless or have been homeless. According to federal law, a person is considered homeless who “lacks a fixed, regular, and adequate night-time residence.” Students less than 21 years of age as of September 1, 2016, and who have completed no more than two years of college by September 1, 2016, are eligible to apply. Applicants may be high school seniors
 7/31/2016 Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship  For 9th-12th grade
 8/1/2017 Khan Law Firm Scholarship For students accepted or enrolled in college
 8/1/2017 SDLG Disability Scholarship Program For students with a physician-diagnosed disability