Moriarty High School Board Report – February 2016

This month is a more brief report as we are just firing up programs for second semester.

Recent Events and Successes:

- Student Council sponsored the First Annual Winter Ball, with profits benefiting the 9th,10th and 11th grade classes. We had a nice turnout and look forward to continuing this new tradition.

- Moriarty Special Olympic Unified Bowling Team took Second at their state bowling tourney this weekend. Team is comprised of both special needs students and regular ed students. We had kids competing from both High school and MMS.

- Horizons Academy has been working on jewelry for Valentines Day and is having a Valentines Jewelry sale at Moriarty Elem. School on Feb. 11 and at Moriarty Middle Feb. 10. The students who work on the pieces have become more independent at putting together the pieces which is huge step towards the process of learning a job skill and the steps to creating a finished product.

- Ceramic 2 and Ceramic 3 will be creating flameware pots specifically made for cooking over an open flame. New Mexico has the only naturally occurring flame resistant clay. Our Ceramic 1 students found this out last semester while researching 3 of our Native American Nations that have their roots in our area. Our spotlight covered the Mimbres, the Navajo, and the Puebloean cultures. It was the Puebloeans that had this flameware. We will be using the created and kiln fired pots to cook macaroni and cheese, or a like-minded food treat. Community Clay will be meeting Feb 8 and 22, March 14 (only once), April 11, 25. The time, 3:30 -5:45. The flyer is attached.