A Brief Explanation of the Registration Process 
Registration and Scheduling Procedures 

MHS is now providing online scheduling through PowerSchool. 
  • Moriarty High School Counselors worked with students on selecting their courses in the new computerized Class Registration Program through PowerSchool. 
  • The requests that you see (on the 2016-17 Course Requests page) include required classes as well as electives. A student will usually have seven requests listed with alternate requests below those. While the school does everything it can to meet primary requests, sometimes it will need to schedule a student for an alternate elective, so please consider those carefully as well. 
  • There are MHS Registration Guides available online to help you read course descriptions as well as your PowerSchool login to look over registration. You may make changes to course requests until March 11, 2016, at which time only Counselors may do so. 
  • Placements in all core courses (English, math, science, and history) are based on prior courses taken, with teacher recommendations, grades and NWEA scores being considered for placement in pre-AP and AP courses. 
  • Notice that some dual credit classes have Accuplacer and Compass score requirements. Students will test to meet those requirements thisSpring. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Incoming Freshmen
  • How can a student (Class of 2020) earn the physical education credit?  A student may earn the physical education credit by completing the physical education class or two years of JROTC or two seasons of sports or two years of marching band.  At this time, all students are automatically registered for physical education.  Counselors will contact parents of students registered for JROTC or marching band as well as all who participate in a sport to examine this course requirement.
  • How do Driver’s Education and New Mexico History classes combine?  As freshmen, students study one semester of New Mexico History and that class is paired with Driver’s Education.  If you prefer not to take driver’s education, please contact a Counselor to make a course change.
All Students
  • How does a student sign up for band?  Band is two classes: concert band (first period) and marching band (Fall) and jazz band (Spring) at 7:00AM (zero hour) and not during the regular school day.  Given the time the class meets, it is listed as an alternate elective.  Jazz band is taken with a successful audition, so students will audition in the late fall to be chosen for jazz band.  Finally, there is no bus transportation to marching and jazz band classes (7:00 AM), but many students carpool.
  • What does a student do to be chosen for pre-AP or AP classes? During registration, students express interestin pre-AP and/or AP classes. In March, teachers will be in touch to explain the process for students to be prepared and chosen for these classes. 
  • Which are the Project Lead the Way(PLTW) classes? The current classes are on page 34. Look closely at the courses and pre-requisites. 
  • How does a student know about progress toward graduation? On page 53 of the Registration Guide, there is a Family Credit Check Form to help plot progress toward graduation. Please use this form and talk with a Counselor if you have any questions. 
  • When may a student take a dual credit? Students may begin to take dual credit classes as early as the summer after freshman year. Please go through the Registration Guide under each subject area to see what opportunities exist. In addition, see page 6 of the Registration Guide for AP and dual credit requirements and contact a Counselor with questions. 

After going through PowerSchool and the Registration Guide, you might have questions or need further explanation. If so, please contact Registrar Shirley Payne at 505-832-5920 or shirley.payne@mesd.us.